Our Story


 Once upon a time... There was a girl


A young girl who lived with her mum and grandma - designing and creating clothes, she was always inspired by them. Her possibilities with fabric were endless. She was living in her own fairytale.

She grows up and realizes that the rest of the world doesn't care as much about fashion. Social media sometimes tries to put everybody in a box, she sees bad things in the world such as fast fashion neglecting the environment and factory workers being underpaid. People weren't living their own fairytale- they were living somebody else’s.

 Women were forgetting to take care of themselves and pursue their own goals. The fairytale seemed to be slipping away.


She saw the impact on women, and she decided to be the change. Lunellery was born. She worked hard to ensure her brand represented sustainability, equal opportunities but most importantly... Created clothing to help women live their own fairytale. To inspire them to get up everyday. No matter the skin they are in, put on their Lunellery’s dresses and go out and seize the day.


With Lunellery you feel confident. With Lunellery, life feels like magic again. 

 Nadia's Story


Nadia was born and raised in Indonesia. She was interested in fashion since she was little. Growing up, her mom worked as a designer and her grandmother ran a garment production factory. Fashion has always been an integral part in her life as it allows her to express her creativity through color, fabric, and design.


 At nineteen, she decided to pursue her dreams further by going to New York. She then graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology majoring in Fashion Design. Throughout her school years, she was given the incredible opportunity through interning with Adam Lippes and Oscar de la Renta, helping with the production of their collection domestically in New York. 

After graduating, she also completed some freelance work for Levi's and Disney, creating designs that resonated with their brand.

One day, in a year where the world was more uncertain than ever, Lunellery was born.

Lunellery is Nadia's journey to realize her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in the fashion industry.




 Made from the softest, most magical materials


Lunellery is committed to sustainable practices. Our designs are timeless and made of great quality, as we want our dresses to last a long time.

We also do not do mass production. All of our garments have only 15-20 made. We celebrate each unique piece that is brought into our collection. Each garment is hand made individually with love. This means your piece is truly unique and beautiful.

We work hand in hand with a talented team of manufacturing factory in Indonesia who are friends and families that Nadia has known for years. Our manufacturing team is incredibly passionate about their work. It brings us great joy to be able to share the stories behind our dresses.

At Lunellery, we consider ourselves a truly ethical brand. This means that our business practices are informed by respect people, respect the environment, and respect culture.

This kind of transparency is part of what our brand stands for. As a brand that refuses to be stuck in trends, Lunellery designs clothing with environmental sustainability in mind, and shares the importance of ethical practices to its consumer.


From apparel production, label creation, product development to packaging, Lunellery has planted its roots in the mission statement to lead by example when it comes to sustainable practices. All our packaging is also made of recyclable materials.

We hope you find the perfect dress to bring a touch of magic into your life.