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Maryland Designer Creates Princess-Style Dresses Focused on Sustainability

Her clothing brand focuses on small production of dresses made of selective, dead stock fabrics.

-NBC Washington


DC-Area Designers Embrace Ethical Fashion

It is midnight in Maryland and Nadia Tandra is on a video call with the owner of the garment factory she works with in Indonesia. 

-NBC Washington


How to Build a Sustainable Wardrobe, According to DC-Area Fashion Experts

When Nadia Tandra designs dresses for her Maryland-based brand, Lunellery, she asks herself: "Will people wear and cherish the dresses we designed for a long time?"

-NBC Washington


Fairytale Brand by Young Indonesian Fashion Designer, Nadia Tandra

A brand that focuses on developing sustainable clothing has attracted a lot of attention, most of its products are skirts in pastel colors reminiscent of fairy tale princesses. The brand was founded by Nadia Tandra, a Chinese Indonesian student studying fashion design in the US.

-Metro TV

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