About Us

Romantic, Playful, Dreamy


Welcome to the world of Lunellery. We believe in whimsical fairytales, dressing up as princesses, and romanticizing every single aspect of our lives.

Magic and dreams are everywhere at Lunellery. Inspired by childhood memories and fantasies, we created pieces that you want to relive again and again. Our dresses are perfect for twirling around in your bedroom or dancing in a castle.

All of our pieces are beautifully crafted and build to last. Each piece is lovingly handmade with extremely special fabrics so that every piece can be something that’s endlessly appreciated.


We believe in creating pieces that transcend fleeting trends, existing as timeless expressions of style rather than fitting into seasonal collections. This approach allows us to breathe life into a diverse range of ideas, free from the constraints of a calendar.


As a small business, we’ve chosen to keep our inventory curated, allowing us to focus on quality and create timeless garments meant for the long haul. Our devotion to slow fashion over mass-production means that each quality piece is an investment, destined to be cherished forever.  


Fall in love with yourself in Lunellery. It's the little pleasures of life like wearing a new dress that makes life fun and magical.


Founder's Story



Lunellery was founded by Nadia Tandra in New York. After completing her studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology and gaining industry experience, she launched her brand in 2021. Her inaugural collection was crafted from carefully sourced deadstock fabrics. She collaborated with a friend who had established a production studio and from there, Lunellery was brought to life.


Nadia’s fascination with fashion bloomed early in her childhood. Her grandmother is a skilled seamstress and the owner of a small production studio. She can always be found in her grandmother’s house, eagerly learning the art of dressmaking while lending a helping hand.

 Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, she found herself reminiscing about her childhood memories. The joy of dressing up as princesses and believing in fanciful fairytales – the cherished memories became the blueprint for a world she yearned to create. A world of enchanted wanderlust, where lush meadows sprawl and whimsical castles stand tall. A world full of dreamy dresses and ethereal glass slippers. Thus, Lunellery was born.