About Us

Romantic, Playful, Dreamy


Welcome to the world of Lunellery. We believe in whimsical fairytales, dressing up as princesses, and romanticizing every single aspect of our lives.

Magic and dreams are everywhere at Lunellery. Inspired by childhood memories and fantasies, we created pieces that you want to relive again and again. Our dresses are perfect for twirling around in your bedroom or dancing in the garden.

We want every single dress to make you feel good about yourselves. It's the little pleasures of life like wearing a new dress that makes life fun and magical.

Fall in love with yourself in Lunellery.



Made from the softest, most magical materials


Lunellery is committed to sustainable practices. Our designs are timeless and made of the highest quality, as we want our dresses to last a long time. Most of our fabrics are dead stock fabrics (left over fabrics that are otherwise going to landfills) for our dresses as we do not want to contribute excess waste into this earth. We also do not do mass production. All of our garments have only 15-20 made. We celebrate each unique piece that is brought into our collection. Each garment is handmade individually with love. This means your piece is truly unique and special.


We work hand in hand with a talented team of manufacturing studio in Indonesia and China who are incredibly passionate about their work. It brings us great joy to be able to share the stories behind our dresses. At Lunellery, we consider ourselves a truly ethical brand. This means that our business practices are informed by respect people, respect the environment, and respect culture. This kind of transparency is part of what our brand stands for. As a brand that refuses to be stuck in trends, Lunellery designs clothing with environmental sustainability in mind, and shares the importance of ethical practices to its consumer.


We hope you find the perfect dress to bring a touch of magic into your life.